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 Annoucement to all my friends + Babos

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PostSubject: Annoucement to all my friends + Babos   Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:25 am

i Just thought. Since its the last day of 2008 !! Got to tell you all somethings :3

Well bish, without you. Well alot of things won't happen ahahaha.
you made me go natural ffs o_O. * so proud * x'D
You made me start wearing contact lenses to o,o'
My god everythings changed about me because of you !!
Well since June we met.. You told me to call you granny cause your old o_O.. By only 1 year ROFL.
Then you got me to join babo x'D And we became inserperable <3
Sure we have arguements o_o ( hardly lol ) but we are always here for eachother <3
You always seems to be here when i need you the most. Best friend forever <3
Then you became my bish o_o.. My goodness x'DD
We have so many things together :3 and im so glad to found a best friend like you.
Always your bish

Omg Biu jehh !! Where shall i started?! You are like the first person i met on audi that i actually had a video call with, call by phone, send cards, send letters etc!! Your always here for me too and VERY UNDERSTANDING!! Always know how to cheer me up.
i dunno what i would do without you biu jeh x'D. You help me at cantonese cxcause i can't read .__. ( yes im a dumbass -.- )
i love your laugh and you smile *-* Its so pretty and cute <3. i Hope one day i can finally meet you!! Then we can make that Maths lesson part whatever i promised youu <3. Il always be here for you if you have the same problemos butn it seems your always jolly !! Man -.- i wish i was you x'D anyway lots of cousinling love <3

Well misa, we haven't chatted alot lately Sad Cause you've been busy huhu q.q But i want to thankyou from all those times i caused you x'D. You always know the right words to say and sometimes i wonder if you are okay!! Your so crazy man x'DD but always know how to make me laugh :3. You are the most best leader i have ever met and the most giving.. Anyone quitting babo dunno what you have done for babo but i know for sure!! AND IL NEVER QUIT!! Thanks for everything Misa :3

Anh.. Bahh we hardly ever talk so why am i putting you in this o_O?! Well i have reasons of course x'D i want to thankyou for being here for me at my toughest times x'D and being a ghey daddy always makes me laugh x'D Sure you can be weird.. at times.. o_O... But what the heck you make me laughs x'D Ty anh :3

Omg its like WHERE ARE YOU?! x'D You're always here when i need to learn spanish ahaha thanks so much hermano. And always here too when i have some problems x'D. Always know how to deal things blabla. idk what to say but thanks for everything x'D

Well.. umm.. Lately we have always fallen out and i hardly see you. But ohmygoodness x'D i remember the time you called me o_o i love your english x'D and always here when i needed to learn spanish. Make me laugh omg your so girly ahaha but seriously kexa thanks for everything and sorry for the times we've fallen out :3

OHMYGOODNESS BEST FRIEND X'D. You damn bitch always have those damn stupid ugly pics of me -_- Always black mail me with them too -__-. But omg your dancing with your friend as the best Very Happy. You need to do more dancing Cause i wanna see them!! Bahh but omg your always here for me =] Try to help me sort problems and train with me on audi when i was getting noobish x'D Anyway thanks for being here for me ^^

Grandadddd. Well what can i say? Your always here for a laugh, on skype your voice.. baby voice *-* <3 Ohmygoodness have to laugh x'd your just crazy!! Alwyas tell me amazing stories about you and your love *-* My god i want you to write a book if you can ahahah x'D i wanna read it >.<.. Thanks for the times waking me up at like 3 - 5 am in the morning ROFL. Funny times x'D Can't live without you :3 one of my closest friends ^__^

Baby sis<3 Well.. we have REALLY crazy times together o_O.. And OMG you are so kawaii >.< !!! Really wish i could hug you niow q_q But sis =]. thanks for always being understandable and here for me <3 always making me laugh with you funnieh stories x'D. And your website *.* My goodness i love it <3 wish i was pro enough to make one x'DD
Always friends <3

Ohmygoodness she is so sexksi *-* ahahah we have our funny times like when you record your paino for me *__* ohmygoodness im inlove with you ahah x'D i Love you sis and you always " hrhrhr " kawaii x'D. Dunno what i would do without you sis. Always find a way to make me want you LOL. Always here for a laugh x'D, Your voice q.q so cuteeeee. It sounds like a baby q.q man x'DD hope one day i can meet you sis <3

Blaaa!! SIS!! LOLOL. KING OF EMO XDD. My goodness you make me laugh with all your crazy words XDD ahahaha best sis here. best inlove leader i know. Always know how to handle problems, shes a independant woman xD wish i was yuo sis :3. You give great help when i needed it like the first time i tried slick o____O. took me a few days but i fixed it ahaha. And your laugh *___* So kawaii <3!!
Sisblings forever <3

Boonya aka BBQ
Well.. i musy say o_o.. YOUA RE SO DAMN ADORABLE !!!
Listenning to your voice 24/7 omg its so sweet q__q.. Always here to make me smiles (x and you know il always be here for you :3. Thankyou for everything <3

My goodness... Well lets see o_o.. We are oth cantonese.. We know how eachother feel.. We make eachother laugh with ian jokes x'D ahaha
Well Leng liu. i can never find soemone else like you x'3 your REALLY understandable.. You know how i feel even if i can't explain to you how i feel. You know how i felt, you knew everything about me!! its like we were actual twins x'D my goodness idk what i would do without you girl x'D when i have rpoblems.. Only you seem to understand it perfectly o_O.. thers i have to explain hard ahahha x'D but i want to thankyou for all those cute times we had x'D so kawaii dunno what i would do if i didnt meet you.. for the second time!! Can't believe you forgot me the 1st time q.q x'D But ohwell. now we are inseperable <3
Thankyou so much sis<3

where have you been bitch!! omg you ghey boy i haven't seen you for ages, we have known eahcother for about a year? :3 ahaha your always so pro than me you damn ghey boy -.- one day il show you!! il prove to you i can smack you ahaha. Anyway your always here to laugh at my non laughing type jokes em o_O.. But eek x'D dunno what i would do without you niow :3 Becareful and dun get raped out there ahaha.

Well i left you till last because i want to make this VERYVERY long x'D..
Well.. hun.. =].. Where shalll i start ohmygoodness x'D..
i Remember the first time i met you.. you was so.. Weird!! o_O!
Ahaha x'D But then after a while i met you again :3..
We started talking each day more and more :3 i remember when you laughed so hard ou almost die because of my damn video!! Always tell me to make another one WTH!! Its already embarrassing enough man!! X'DD
Mhh.. First time i saw you on webcam.. ohmygoodness i melted x'D you are so cute x'3 and from that day on.. i started smiling every second =]. Believe me, when im on cam to other people.. i hardly smile.. Only when im with you i smile alot X'3 i Remember one time.. before we got married on audi i wanted to break, ohmygoodness how stupid was i x'D im so happy i never break with you in the end because that day i found out.. You really love me X3 i smiled and cried, i was so happy you felt the same way X'3. Then that picture you made of me.. My goodness.. i remember.. as i saw it.. i fell on the floor and screamed.. i was all over the place asking myself why am i so lucky to found you x'3.. We had many funny times together :3.. Especially when we are on video call x'D We make funny faces and funny noises o_O.. x'D So cute and funny x'D.. i remember the time you got your rabbit and i got my teddy bear x'D thats how you became BunnyMyne and me MyniBear X'DD!!
We made eachother the cugtest things ever.. and Everytime i look back at them i cry.. i say to myself i dun deserve you.. i ask why am i so lucky.. We've gone through so many things together.. So many.. always heartbreaking.. But we managed to make it through.. As like i said my vows x'D love you in good and bad times ^^.
Its always so hard.. i always wanna be next to you right niow.. show you how i really feel.. show you what a girl can never give to you but i can.. But the damn distance x'D Makes me cry alot but oh well :3 when i see you i just can't help myself from smiling.. Nomatter what happenned as soon as i look at you.. i have to smile x'D.. i Love you.. So damn much.. But i can't express with words.. Its so painful x'D.. Days without you are like me slowly dieing.. painful x'D.. But hun.. =].. i Really Love you so damn much.. i Just can't explain cause its really so much.. Maybe one day if we ever meet i can show you..
i Love you so much Chinh x'3
Myni~ <3

To all my other friend and to all Babos
Eh sorry if i missed you out but i hope you all have a happy new year!! Thank you all for always being here for me x'3

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PostSubject: Re: Annoucement to all my friends + Babos   Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:09 am

LAI HO HOR GNOI AHHHH~~~~ *flyingtacklehugglessquishsmoochnuzzle* Huu huu huu!


~Lei gor Biu Jeh
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Age : 25
Location : Prague [ Czech Republic ] , Hanoi-Hue-Saigon [ Vietnam ]
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PostSubject: Re: Annoucement to all my friends + Babos   Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:41 am

o_o nizzle shizzle x'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ( tears Surprised happiness yay ) =D

Bish ôo. I must tell, I cant imagine without u as my bish o.o x'DDD ( HARDCORE HOHO ) xD in audi and in real ( on msn with pig haha3 ) hoho xDDD

Erm dunno what to say o,ó errm dunno what to do o,ó

All I wanna say is I really love u as my best friend <3 ^^ ( my bish haha3 ) and u know that ^^
lol! geek and I hope, that our friendship will just go on ~~

Teeeeeeeheeeeeeee Bish >) hi5 =DD
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PostSubject: Re: Annoucement to all my friends + Babos   

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Annoucement to all my friends + Babos
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